The Rooms

All of our rooms are individually themed to provide very specific challenges 


Due to launch Q3 2018

Trapped inside a damaged and stricken Submarine an incapacitated crew and your air running out fast, you must find a way through the various damaged compartments to the control room where you must blow the ballast tanks to allow the vessel to surface. You must repair all of the damage along the way as the slightest leak will make escape impossible. You only have 60 minutes of air left. Can you handle the pressure?


Due to launch Q3 2018

You have been invited to dinner at Countess Karnstein's request. But not everything is as it seems. There is something sinister in the air and you must discover the reason and put an end to it before the sun goes down. The stakes are high but they are also served rare. You will need to work quickly if you'd like to make it through to dessert unscathed. You only have an hour until sundown.


Due to launch Q3 2018

Something has happened to the sands of time and the world is on the brink of grinding to a shuddering halt unless something can be done to fix it. You have been slipped through a tiny tear in the fabric of time itself to try and discover the reason for the impending catastrophe. Can you prevent the end of the world as we know it? Can you keep the gears of time turning? You only have 60 minutes.


Due to launch Q3 2018

Something ancient has been discovered which has previously laid hidden for 1000's of years and scientists believed that its discovery would leave the world in awe of its malevolent power. But something has gone terribly wrong and perhaps a disastrous mistake has been made? Someone has managed to open it! Can you close it before it's too late?

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