Room Monitoring

How you think you interact... versus how you really do!

There are a number of reasons that all activity inside our rooms is recorded and none of them are anything to worry about. In fact, the recording of your behaviour will enable you to get the most benefit from the day and you'll hardly notice that they are there once inside. Remember that you are inside the rooms alone with your colleagues and there are no staff members in there with you. We shall be monitoring your progress from outside the room so as not to influence your activity or indeed your experience and enjoyment of the rooms. However, If you become stuck or unsure about certain elements or puzzles, then we can offer you audible hints or clues so that you may progress through the room.


Obviously, depending upon your groups dynamic, ability levels and experience, the volume of clues that you need may vary greatly, but we'd hate for you to be stuck with just 10 minutes gone and not be able to progress for a further 50 minutes.


In order to offer the corporate services, we need to record the action from within our rooms so that our qualified assessors can watch and analyse the footage and assess both individuals and groups in order to evaluate how they interact with each other.


Finally, as we have mentioned, as there are usually no staff members inside the rooms with you, the recording features allow us to remotely ensure your safety (and that of the rooms) whilst you are in there.

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