"Smile, you're on camera!"

It's a necessary feature of our service but it performs many functions

Even before entering The Skape Rooms venues you will probably be seen and heard on camera. Don't worry, this data never leaves our servers and is completely anonymous, but it is used in evaluating your behaviour and actions if you are attending as part of a corporate day. The footage and data are completely destroyed after we have evaluated it but we will send a copy to your company if they have requested and ordered one. We will also use it to ensure that nothing was damaged or stolen whilst you were on site and inside our rooms. This typically takes 48 hours.


Most of our footage is taken when inside the rooms and of course there are areas where there are no recording devices or cameras (such as the classrooms) allowing you to have completely confidential conversations amongst your colleagues. These areas will be clearly marked and pointed out to you upon arrival. 


Please understand that the reasons that we record you and how you work with your colleagues is to ensure that our services offer as much value to your organisations as possible. You will be shown highlights of your room attempts and other interactions and together with our qualified assessors, you will be able to evaluate what you did well and perhaps not so well. This is there simply to help you improve your effectiveness in achieving your objectives whatever they may be.

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