The Challenges

Our industry is all about people, their behaviours and how they interact with each other. Because everyone is different and we all learn, engage and communicate in different ways we must provide challenges that will be suitable for everyone no matter their mental abilities or physical capabilities. 


Each of our rooms, therefore, is set up to challenge our guests in very specific ways. These types of challenges can be broken down into four different categories which are Physical, Mathematical, Logical, and Visual. As our programmes evolve we may be able to refine them further but for now, all of our puzzles and obstacles within the rooms will fall under one of these.


Physical challenges will include things that need to be physically manipulated such as puzzles, mazes, combination locks, chests, drawers and secret doors etc. They will need to be completed by one or multiple people at a time and will not require too much effort or physical fitness to achieve. However, they are usually far more difficult to achieve when under time pressure and they will often require a cool head and steady hand to complete when inside an escape room.


As the name would suggest, a Mathematical challenge is one that simply involves some form of numeracy. Within the escape room environmentwe provide challenges that word the individual or group by giving them problems that need solving by numerical sums and calculations. When we use the term numeracy we mean the ability to use mathematics in everyday life. Being numerate means having the confidence and skill to use numbers and mathematical approaches in all aspects of life - at work, in practical everyday activities at home and beyond so being able to monitor, test and evaluate this and to know one's own capabilities can be invaluable to employers and individuals alike.


Logical challenges require the applied notion of logic (surprise) and this will involve everything from the use of sequences and puzzles to the assembling of props and deciphering codes and riddles etc. This requires a very different mindset to mathematical challenges and a room that combines both will see different participants engage wholly or partially depending upon the challenge involved. Logical challenges are very common and probably form the backbone of most Escape Room problems.


Visual challenges are often the simplest to do but invariably they are the easiest ones to miss and it is all about perspective. Sometimes when people are under pressure to perform either from lack of time itself or perhaps peer pressure from their colleagues, they will often not see what is in plain view. Having the ability to evaluate and look at things from different angles is a necessity in order to solve this type of challenge. Puzzles include embedded messages within images, 3D imagery, black lights, infrared reveals, maps and symbols.

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