The Skape Room concept

The Skape Rooms are a new genre of Corporate Team-Building, Staff Training and Evaluation that combines the experience of an Escape Room venue with qualified Psychometric Testing, Behavioural Evaluation and Team Dynamic Reviews. We offer a new type of centre that can cater for both organisations and individuals no matter their size, industry, interests or demographic. The Skape Rooms allows organisations and groups to really challenge and evaluate their employees or members in a safe, controlled and fun environment.

Escape Rooms are...

Let us explain a bit about Escape Rooms. These venues are now beginning to pop up all over the country and range from single to multiple room locations. As a business, The Skape Rooms will be launching their head office venue in West Sussex and we will be catering for both the corporate team building and training sector as well as to the general public for entertainment. If you've never done one before, our advice would be to Google your nearest escape room venue and to experience a room first to ensure that you enjoy the time. Then you can be more confident in travelling a bit further afield to try different venues or recommended Rooms. 

Give us a try...

Unlike more traditional outward bound or team-building days where there are often participation limitations depending on someone's physical ability, we believe that escape rooms are for everyone. From children aged 10+ right up to anyone who is capable of opening a combination padlock. As such our rooms will always cater for differing levels and abilities to ensure that every guest is not only challenged but thoroughly entertained.


The objectives aren't designed to be easy but just challenging enough to make any escape within the hour, a close run thing. Don't expect to find it a walk in the park.

Escape Room Training & Evaluation 

There is a very good reason why escape rooms offer a perfect scenario to evaluate your team(s). Clearly, escape rooms are fun and rightfully so, but for a business, there are also other, more commercial and educational benefits of getting your team to attempt one.


In order to succeed in escaping the room, any individual must show certain skills such as teamwork, communication, lateral and practical thinking as well as, patience, determination, a cool head and leadership.


In fact, one could argue that there are more socially beneficial reasons for practising and honing these essential life skills than there are commercial ones.

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