Assessment or Recruitment Intake days

As with any large organisation with a huge intake of staff on a regular basis, interviewing them one by one is a time-consuming process. We believe that if your company work environment is about creating a great team dynamic, interviews alone may not be good enough to allow you to make the right decision. Working with you, we can create a solution that challenges your intake to work together as a team even if they do not know each other. 


We can customise our environments to suit your objectives. Do you want to see how they cope when placed under time pressure? Or solving complex mathematical problems? or do you simply want to see who are the stronger characters within the group? 

Watching how people interact with one another in a series of challenging but non-corporate environments will give you a much better understanding of that person. Interviewing by itself is a highly risky way of recruiting people en masse as you simply don't have the time to evaluate each person and how they will possibly work with other people in your team.


For instance, a salesperson may have great references and performance history, but if he or she becomes a  disruptive influence to an existing dynamic within a team then it can be severely damaging. Having your manager work with his or her new potential recruits beforehand will allow them to see who they will best work with going forward. 


Depending on your type of candidate intake and their career or job requirements, we can usually customise our programs especially suited to highlighting the skills or flaws that you are keen to witness. Contact our team to discuss your requirement.

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