Team or individual training

Combine our escape room venue with your own training products or ask us to provide one.

Break the day up by breaking out of our rooms

In our research, we discovered that most teams typically together once a week or once per month in smaller groups and tended to only gather everyone if there was some specific training or course to be completed. Often this was met with a degree of frustration from the teams as it meant that they were taken away from their daily tasks. Although this is usually seen as a necessary evil, we would like to suggest that you try and combine your team training days with our services. This helps break the day up and can also be a great way to get people interacting and engaged thoroughly with the session or course.


We can also provide specific tailor-made sessions or programs depending upon your desired objective. Whether it be to help your teams gain more insight into their own behaviours and how they can be improved or something as simple as embedding a new team more closely with each other, we can help. 

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