Can you work under pressure?

Pressure can often be a good thing

Who hasn't listened to friends, family and colleagues bemoaning how much "pressure" they are under at work or at home and in truth is it nearly always seen as a negative? In reality, pressure can be good for us if applied in the right way.


Playing a game (such as an Escape Room) under a time added pressure can help you and your team to learn to control your emotions and to realise just how efficiently or inefficiently you are using your time.


Trust us, but when you are down to the last few minutes of your allotted hour and you still have a long way to go, it's very easy to look back and evaluate just how much time you wasted on certain things that turned out to be irrelevant. Dealing with the friendly pressure that we impose can and will help you to become a more efficient person both at work and at play.

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