The Perfect Hire

There's the Old way and then there's the Right way

Do you currently hire people based on their CV and interview performance? or your assessment of their cultural fit? Cultural fit is a significant factor in the success and contribution of the employees you bring onboard and you obviously want to ensure their success within your organisation. However, traditional methods of the recruitment process are highly flawed when it comes to evaluating cultural fit. By using our services and bringing your potential candidates down for an hour or so at our venue you can more easily evaluate them based on things that you cannot possibly observe in an interview alone.

You want to hire the job applicant who, in addition to the required job skills and qualifications, exhibits the best fit within your organization's culture. This prospective employee is most likely to be a good match for both your position and your organization. The most successful employees know how to accomplish work within the context of the organizations that employ them. The most successful hires fit both the job and your workplace culture.


At the same time, you want to avoid the trap of hiring people who are just like you, clones so to say. A new employee is your opportunity to bring new ideas and direction to your organisation. Don't eliminate the opportunity by picking only employees who could become your new best friend. Use The Skape Rooms to seek out people who share your cultural values but may have a very different approach to accomplishing work.

Pick New Employees Who Will Challenge Your Thinking​​

Pick new employees who will challenge your thinking with new ideas and new ways of looking at familiar situations. The Skape Rooms create an environment in which different approaches are not only welcomed and but often necessary and each one must be considered on their merit. We help candidates and staff members avoid thoughts like, "but it's always been done it this way" and "we tried that and it didn't work." It is impossible to duplicate the circumstances in which a particular solution didn't work. Our Escape Rooms and Services encourage people to try it again and to see what happens after evaluating the former situation helped you to learn.

However, all of the best cultural fit interview questions that you ask potential employees won't separate out your positive contributors unless you also welcome them back to a work environment that encourages differences of opinion.

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